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The picture you see is of David Taylor, Jr., our son born in 1999, three months before the AAP/ US Department of Health called for the removal of thimerosal from childhood vaccines.

Davey has been variously diagnosed as autistic (a psychologist), PDD-NOS (a neurologist), Language Delayed (special educationist) and as "suffering the effects of mercury poisoning" by his current doctor, Jeff Bradstreet of Melbourne, Florida.

Kristi, my wife, and I have the typical story: A beautiful, healthy child at birth (10 lbs), who reached all of his developmental milestones on time, including early speech. His easy laugh and earnest "Play ball, Da-da!" made him the star of extended family get togethers.

Since you know this story, you also know how the next chapter goes: the two-year-old MMR shot, the inconsolable crying, fever for several days, and then our son was gone. No speech. No eye contact. Spinning in circles. Vomiting multi-times a day. A faraway look.

We went the usual diagnostic circumnavigational route, starting with the family pediatrician who told us not to worry, he'd grow out of it.

Then a nursery school teacher who came clean with us: "Something's wrong with Davey," she said. "I encourage you to get him tested."

Then the psychologist who pronounced "classic autism."

The early intervention programs with lots of behavior therapy, but not enough progress.

The neurologist and her prescription pads of Paxil, Resperdil and the rest. We traded in the spinning for more faraway looks.

I first heard about thimerosal in August 2002. When we asked our neurologist about it, she immedately grew red-faced, disconcerted and blurted out far more forcefully than she needed to: "There is absolutely no connection to your son's disorder."

Now comes the mother's part of the story: You know, the one who refuses to give up, who vows that her son will be cured, and damn be anyone who gets in her way.

It didn't take Kristi long to find DAN!, attend her first conference, buy the first book ("Children with Starving Brains") and we were off.

Now comes the part of the story where parents learn to become their autistic child's first effective doctor, taking over where conventional allopathtic medicine fails. We learned supplements, vitamins, transdermal rubs, Epsom salt baths, the tough love of GFCF.

We met other parents also searching for answers. One mother, Wemberly Parks, moved into our neighborhood from Texas and told us of a wonderful autism doctor in Florida named Jeff Bradstreet.

At Jeff's clinic in Melbourne we discovered a doctor who conducted the first medical tests that helped us discover that our child didn't have a disorder; he had a disease. And it was treatable. Davey's lab tests showed the usual: gut problems (staff infection, yeast overgrowth), heavy metal toxicities, low levels of essential vitamins and minerals, brain inflammation. Our child was very sick. He had been poisoned.

And today Jeff Bradstreet and his remarkable staff are giving us back our son. Davey's eye contact is coming back. He's speaking again, albeit on a two-year old level. He's gaining weight.

We've got a fur piece to go. But with God's help, good friends, good doctors, and tireless advocates in the autism community, we will get there.

Come with us, won't you?

David Taylor, Sr.