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Mark Jenkins

Now you've gone and done it--made me even more pissed. Will be looking forward to the rest in the series.

When do you think the neurodiversithy crackpots will show up? More importantly, what will you do about it?


Moi ;)

Excellent post. I am hoping to read more like this!!

Moi ;)

Oh one thing - I do NOT blame myself. I blame TPTB who have lied to us about this vaccine crap for umpteen years. Never would I blame myself for damage done caused by the lies of crooks. That would get in the way of getting my son on the right track.

Not to mention that self-blame defeats the purpose of being pissed off.

David Taylor

Hi, Moi:

Just pour vous--Am hoping to get up 3 more this weekend.

And thanks for the blame comments. You're right, and I need to work on that.


I am working on a report for Dev. Psyche "How Autism affects parents" I came across your page and it's interesting. Thanks. If you have any other input please feel free to e-mail me Thanks... Maryann


Thanks for the time and effort on this post. I agree that Vaccines are BAD but that is why I never vaccinated any of my kids... Not a single shot! Non the less, 2 out of my 3 kids are on the spectrum, one mild the other severe. So, while I wish I could jump on the band wagon and have someone to blame, I can't join you in your anger because clearly, vaccines were not the cause for us. I keep waiting for someone to write about other causes but we keep coming back to the same one which doesn't help me one bit. So while I sympathize with all of the vaccine injured families out there, does anyone find them selves in my boat? Love to hear from others.

Melinda L. Secor

I firmly believe that environmental factors will eventually be proven to be at fault when the stonewalling about the Autism epidemic finally stops. I am convinced that vaccines are a factor, and it would be interesting to find out whether there is a connection to vaccinated parents....perhaps damage done to the egg cells of a woman during childhood vaccinations could account for some cases of autism in non-vaccinated children. There has always been a certain number of people affected by autism, but the numbers today are staggering....there must be an answer....whether it is vaccinations, pollution, food additives, or any combination of the bunch. Big Pharma with their powerful lobby has managed to suppress meaningful studies on the matter so far...but big money interests cannot hold up against millions of angry and concerned parents forever.

Norman Smith

Haylie has Autism ... she was normal until after shots. Her video is on You Tube at nsmith6719 oe search autism - haylie

Thanks, Norm Smith


Great blog. I wish you the best in recovering you child. My son was made ill by vaccines too. Fight on!!

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